Under The Great Bear

Lisa is quite happy with her life: head of a successful advertising agency, she is comfortable and cozy living alone in her own house in the garden suburbs of Moscow, and, like many of us, she is reluctant and afraid to change anything. No news is good news, they say… But deep in her heart she is torn between fear and hope that some day something would happen that would break the daily routine and bring some excitement and adventure into her life. So when a sudden and dramatic change actually occurs, she realizes that it was worth being afraid of and what’s more – worth waiting for!

One day, near the summer cottage where she lives all year round, Lisa runs into a strange man who claims to be her new neighbor, though she’d rather believe he was a tramp! Together with Dima – as he introduced himself – a whole bunch of troubles fall upon her.

First, Lisa finds her colleague’s dead body in the garage. No way it could get there unless someone killed the poor woman and left the body in Lisa’s house. What if the strange neighbor did that? The most striking thing about it is that the murderer, whoever he was, didn’t leave any traces at all… Then, somebody tries to shoot them right in the patio of Lisa’s cottage. Who they were trying to kill and what for – remains a mystery. Was it Lisa? Or was it her unfortunate neighbor, to whom she has become inexcusably attracted over the few days of their acquaintance? And on top of it all, the neighbor, unexpectedly as ever, turns out to be no less no more than a “resigned” oligarch…