The Day of Anger

Berlin. In an onslaught on the house of a prominent Russian millionaire, Aleksey Krivtsov, one of the shareholders of an emerald mine in the Urals, three people are killed: the millionaire, his wife and the young governess of his little daughter. All the evidence points at Krivtsov’s son, Andrey, who was out during the night of the murder, and shortly before that there was a row between him and his father. During the funeral Andrey, the prime suspect of the investigation, manages to escape with the help of his friends. He leaves for Russia to find the actual murderer of his family.

Meanwhile, the Berlin detective,  Heinz, doubts that Andrey is guilty of the millionaire’s death. But Heinzis removed from the investigation, as he has private interest in the matter: the young governess, Charlotte, through a fatal coincidence, was his fiancée. So, he starts his own, private investigation, and the first step he takes will be to find out, who could profit from Krivtsov’s death. To get to the bottom of the matter, following Andrey, he flies to Russia.

In Moscow Heinz is joined by Andrey and the elder daughter of the millionaire – Dasha. All the signs lead to the Urals – to the emerald mine…