NLS Agency

One may call this series an adventure movie, and that’s probably right, though it naturally synthesizes different genres: from comedy to thriller.

A bold and brilliant venture designed by a group of young energetic friends turned outa smashing success: a private agency investigating Special Personal Situations, helping people sort out their personal lives: star-crossed lovers, unpaid debts, shrewish wives and errant husbands – there’s never a lack of clients, as well as of adventure, chases, turmoil, funny dialogue and lots of excellent music, performed by the notorious charismatic ex-undergrounder Sergey Shnurov – a Russian Tom Waits – and his lovely orchestra.

Enthusiastic detectives of the SPS-Agency are ready to take on any case that would have been positively refused by a normal investigator, and surely they are in for lots of troubles, and you – for a 16 portions of an hour’s fun!