Always And Forever – 3

Sequel of the story of Olga Barysheva (Maria Poroshina). Sergey Barushev (JaroslavBoyko), Olga’s husband, is successful in business: for half a year Sergey, Olga and their youngest son have been living in Thailand, where he is in charge of the construction of a hotel chain. But nothing lasts forever: their elusory happiness is ruined, when […]

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Always And Forever – 2

Characters that have already won love and sympathy of the audience are fighting for their happiness again in the sequel to the popular series. A veil, a kiss, a wedding ring on her finger… There seemed to be a whole life of true love and married bliss in store for them. But that’s a perfect

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Always And Forever

Always and Forever is a drama series following the life journey of a woman who fell  victim of circumstances and has to take control of her life and change it for the better. Olga is an talented artist, but her gift is left unnoticed in the small world she lives in: quiet life in a

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Terms of contract – 2

Masha and Oleg have been together for a year. A big country house, a caring husband, a beloved daughter… It seems that Masha has everything one could ever wish for. But behind the rosy façade of a happy and wealthy life  there lie some troubling problems that only build up with every day. And at

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Terms of contract

Masha, a young woman from a small provincial town, is leading a peaceful and unclouded life. Blissful and nice: quiet provincial environment, a future husband that she is in love with…  The trouble comes unannounced. Amids the wirlwind of Masha’s wedding preparations, when helping her decorate the wedding venue, Masha’s sister suddenly loses consciousness. The

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Inherited marriage

It happens sometimes that everything in your life goes astray… Unlucky streak in Sasha’s life seems to drag on and on: the job she wanted is taken right from under her nose; her boyfriend leaves her; her father starts a new family and wants Sasha to move out. And her closest friend Pashka needs an

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Tanks Aren’t Afraid Of Mud

Sasha Kruglov, the grandson of a hereditary General, dreams of an acting career, but was forced to continue the family tradition and enter the tank school. Once he stands up for the honour of a girl, and as a punishment for the fight he was transferred to the regular military unit. There, learning difficulties and

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Trucker And His Wives

Gena lives in a small town; a jolly and adventurous philanderer he is used to take all pleasures from life. Being a driver he wheels along the country and finds himself in different situations, funny or deadly dangerous. Nearly in every town or village in his route he has a wife, more or less lawful,

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