NLS Agency. Season 2

Young resourceful detectives of the SPS Agency continue sorting out personal problems of their unfortunate clients, as they did with unfailing success in the first season of the popular series. A trivial “love affair” will often grow into a criminal case and vice versa: a case that promised sinister developments – will end in a farce.

As for the novelties, the agency has got new premises – an on board ship office – that’s nothing to sniff at now! The private detectives are snowed under with new cases, no wonder they have got reinforcements: a new employee, widely popular in narrow circles, whose connections are sure to bring fresh perspective into the enterprise. He is on friendly terms with a militia general, a popular TV hostess, Nobel Prize winners and inveterate racketeers, elegant gentlemen and ragged beggars – everyone welcomes him with open arms. Presidential apartments and slums, gambling houses and university conference halls will open their doors to our detectives thanks to the new agent, and his experience and insight will help them cope with the most delicate and tricky situations.