The Executioner

Screen version of a famous book by Sergey Beloshnikov and the remake of one of the most famous Russian films of the 90-th, The Executioner is a revenge psychological drama challenging the controversy of rightful vengeance that recoils on the person who takes it; a tragedy of a fragile woman who revolts against brutal abuse – ready for anything to get back at a group of rapists who insulted on her: ready for an alliance with a mafia capo; ready for foul play, intrigue, for cynical and unsparing crimes. But will the revenge bring satisfaction to her? Day by day eroding, crippling her soul, haunting her like a curse, like a malign tumor in her brain?

The scene is set in Moscow of our time. Olga – a successful journalist, a beautiful woman in her early thirties, of a wealthy academic Moscow family – is invited by her friend Sveta to a small party in a country house. Sveta’s friends mix drugs into Olga’s wine and, taking advantage of her half-conscious state, rape her brutally. Then they put her in the car, drive away from the house and leave her lying on the roadside, in the gutter, hoping that she won’t remember anything. But how can she ever forget that?

Coming to her senses, she resolves to take revenge, whatever it cost her. She hires professional killers.

But what she sees when the mechanism of violence that she started gets on the move – strikes horror in her heart. Once the infernal machine is launched – there is no stopping it… So who is she – Olga Dragomirova – the executioner or the victim?