Cops. Chronicles of the Homicide Department. New version

It’s the 21st century, such burning issues as the threat of the world terrorism, resounding political scandals and the case of ‘turncoats in police uniforms’ are the focus of public attention. Police officers often have to deal with much more serious matters than the theft of gold earrings from a MrsIvanova or a knife fight between drunken neighbours. It is such serious matters that the series “Cops. Chronicles of the Homicide Department 1-3” depicts. The scene is set in St. Petersburg, in one of the local police divisions. The staff of the ‘homicide department’ have to unravel complicated and scandalous cases, such as drug-trafficking, assassinations, blackmailing a prominent politician or the case of a serial maniac killing St. Petersburg cops. “Cops. Chronicles of the Homicide Department.” is first of all a film about decent and honest people who are really dedicated to their work although their salaries are small, working hours are not limited and their lives are constantly put at risk. It would not be much of an exaggeration to say

that the main characters spend 24 hours a day at work, yet there are episodes in the series revealing their inner world, their dreams and their private lives.