Prima Donna

The project Prima Donna is a screen version of the novel “Prima Donna. Banker’s wife. Whore” by the famous writer and lyricist Dmitry Ivanov.

In the spotlight of the drama there are three parallel life lines: three women, friends, who grew up together, but then life set them apart – each of them taking their own way, like three roses from one stem – each bud straining after its own star.

Janna, Zoyka and Miledy went to the same school in a small provincial town, and each dreamt of a different life for herself: Janna wanted to become a famous singer, Zoyka – to marry a colonel and have a lot of kids, and Miledy – to mount the catwalk as a super model or a movie star. Straight after school, full of hopes and expectations, they leave their lares and penates for Moscow – the city of opportunities where dreams come true. There’s no stopping them: young, bold and restless, they dive into the raucous life of the big city, which proves to be ever so tough and unpredictable, offering all its treasures to one who is ready to pay twice for everything he has. Mortal risk and fabulous success, brothel and stage, love drama and business intrigue – there’s so much in store for them, so much they will have to go through over a span of twenty years flashing before our eyes in the 16 episodes of the series.