The Course of Defense

This is the first lawyer series on the Russian television, baldly exposing the cold and bitter reality of the legal world.

The scene is laid in Moscow of our time, where people are fed up with police corruption, justice-for-sale, fraud and intrigue, but no one dares to confront the rotten system. Andrey Zimogorov, the pivotal figure of the series, belongs to a rare sort of lawyers who remain committed to professional ethics. Smart, charming and uncompromising – the last advocate of equity and purity of the judicial ermine, he is ready to take up a no-win case and fight for the rights of those who’ve lost their last hope for help and justice.

12 episodes of the series present 12 stories based on real events, with characters-mirror-images of real personages of the day. Quality and true-to-life relevance, intricately woven plot and intriguing twists – that’s what made The Course of Defense a success on the Russian television screens.