Knife In The Clouds

This detective story hinges around a charming lightsome young woman with an ambiguous history, who tries to break the ties of the past and yet gets mixed up in another knot of intrigues and foul play.

An ex-stripteaser now teaching children’s dance, Varvara was determined to once and for all get clear of a debt she owed to a former buddy of hers and square up with the man, who is blackmailing her, threatening to expose the details of her past life. Eventually she has to yield to his requirements and he draws her into a hazardous game he plays: she gets involved into the murder of a famous cellist, with whom she was supposed to spend a night. The musician is killed with an ancient ritual knife – its haft decorated with a magical diamond. Panic stricken, the witness flees from the scene of crime, in the rush taking with her the mysterious weapon of murder, and naturally becoming the prime suspect…

With police and FSB after her, hunted by fortune seekers who want get possession of the antique blade, she has no other option but to find the actual murderer, who, meanwhile, goes on killing people. Suspicion falls on this and that and the other, but the answer to the enigma, as ever, will come unexpected.