Landscape with Murder

This film is a unique chronicle of events that happened within 48 hours: four episodes – four suspects of a murder unfolding their stories, each given an opportunity “to speak their mind” and either justify their actions or sign their doom. The main condition is to remain your own self during the 2 880 minutes each one is given on the stage of the Life Theatre.

The plotline follows the classical lines of a detective movie, gradually unraveling the obscurity, set at the beginning, to construct a complete story at the end. But the scheme of the plot development is conceptually new: following each of the four confessions you have to go through the same event again and again, each time unveiling it from a different perspective, lifting the curtain from another side to see a totally different picture.

Landscape with murder is story told by four people whose lives have been oddly intertwined around one mysterious murder… It has a victim, an assumed murderer, witnesses, persecutions, threats and mysterious telephone calls… A young girl with an anxious look – unfinished portrait of the red-haired Death, silent dances, touches of lonely arms in the crowds of people…