Wizards Of Reshetov

This film is a unique attempt at synthesizingRussian folk mythology and Art Nouveau. Grotesque twists of the plotline are vividly highlighted by masterly special effects and computer graphics made in London  by graphic artists who have also worked with Warner Brothers, Universal, Paramount Pictures and the BBC. Artistic skills of the cast and the crew, as well as a solid budget made the successful realization of the first ever high tech Russian romantic comedy possible.

What if the characters of the Russian folk tales were not a figment of imagination, what if they were always living among us? Not as caricatures described in fairy tales but as real people with supernatural abilities and whimsical habits: for example, one of them cannot live without the sky and is always eager to go flying; the other falls in love with Ivans – Grozny, Michurin et cetera – century in and century out; and the third would turn into a mermaid from time to time. All the old tales about them were made up out of silliness but also because of jealousy and envy. So now the wizards appear in a run-of-the-mill Russian town of Reshetov. They dreamt of peace and quiet, not of magic, but things did not go their way. Love is to blame – the brave neighborhood policeman Pyotr and the cheerful truck driver Ivan are both crazy for Vasilisa, and she ends up falling in love herself. And that means that strange happenings and real surprises are on the way for Reshetov, and its denizens are going to experience the amazing and wondrous adventures dreams are made up of.