Black Snow

On the vast expanses of Russian taiga people love and hate without looking back, throwing caution to the cold Siberian wind. Here, in the far off Siberian town, in his search for Maria, his friend’s niece, arrives ex-officer Sergey Gushchin. Little though he knows yet of what the journey has in store for him – that it is going to turn his life upside down…

In the city of ChyujskGushchin (Alexei Zubkov) meets an old fellow soldier of his – StepanZatsepin (Mikhail Razumovsky), whom Gushchin long has given up for dead and, what’s more, blamed himself for his friend’s death. But Zatsepin survived, thanks to a shaman woman who lived in the remote Siberian village of Kerzhantsy. In ChyujskGushchin manages to find Maria, and she tells him that Zatsepin has called together a gang and is holding the whole community in awe, threatening to burn down the village of Kerzhantsy, if the local inhabitants don’t give away the gold trove of Zatsepin’s grandfather– the founder of the village. Only Kondrat – Maria’s boyfriend – has enough nerve to stand up to Zatsepin.Gushchin finds himself in the centre of events, caught up between two major choices, either of which would turn his life around: either to let himself be tempted by Zatsepin’s proposal to join the gang and line his pockets with skim money – or to stand in defense of the villagers.

There is no turn back now for Gushchin, for in Chyujsk he falls in love with a local woman, Vera, who, he realizes, is the only woman he has ever met he could be truly happy with.

Will he manage to protect not only the villagers of Kerzhantsy, but his own love? To strand up to the whole army led by his ex-friend, who has risen to life to become his mortal enemy?!