The Goldmine

Mystery and intrigue, romance and frustration, action, adventure and lots of gold – The Goldmine is a mixture of romance and detective story brought into an original setting: a small gold-mining camp far away in Siberia, about to be closed as it has long been behind its gold production schedule.

The mine is living through its tough times when GenaTomilin returns after several years on the sea to find his fiancée at the altar – marrying another man. For the long three years Katya waited for him, but time passed, hope faded and finally, the long-brewing resentment against him overruled fidelity – when a young handsome geologistfrom Saint-Petersburg, Romanov, appeared at the goldmine, searching for a gold vein that he believed to be cellared in the bowels of the neglected mine.

When Gena arrives in the village the wedding is in full swing… But he is tough enough to stay in the village, he won’t steep his grief in wine. After saving the gold from bandits he is offered a post at the local militia office.

And here the story takes a harsh turn: a district militia officer is killed, fifty-six kilos of pure gold mined by the pan diggers is missing, and the geologist, Katya’s husband, vanishes from the goldmine. Naturally, the suspicion falls on him. To conduct the investigation a detective is sent from the centre, and his task is far from being easy: he has to find the gold, the criminal, and untangle the tight knot of interests twined around the mysterious Siberian goldmine.