Always And Forever – 2

Characters that have already won love and sympathy of the audience are fighting for their happiness again in the sequel to the popular series.

A veil, a kiss, a wedding ring on her finger… There seemed to be a whole life of true love and married bliss in store for them. But that’s a perfect ending for a fairy tale – in real life love is a theorem that one has to prove over and over every day, ever trying to be in the centre of events, ever ready to change, to take a chance and follow the next zigzag of unpredictable life.

Sergey Baryshev is fighting for a big contract, Olga is raising a kid, Dmitry and Nadezhda are building their own business. Success, like a magnet, attracts envy and malice. Sergey finds himself in the centre of a career intrigue set up by the second person in the company; Nadezhda’s colleague – Darya – comes in between her and Dmitry. New people and new intrigues – an attempted murder, a car accident, an unknown town, the road, the cell-house, the queen of spades… The wheel of fortune keeps turning, and hope will never die.

Always and Forever – a happiness to fight for.