Always And Forever

Always and Forever is a drama series following the life journey of a woman who fell  victim of circumstances and has to take control of her life and change it for the better.

Olga is an talented artist, but her gift is left unnoticed in the small world she lives in: quiet life in a small provincial town, loving husband, two little kids, cozy house, small family business – she has been quite content with the way things were and alwaysthought that it would last forever… How could she ever expect that one day her fragile happiness would be torn into pieces?

All of a sudden, her quiet life takes a dramatic turn: the family business is on the verge of bankruptcy and Olga is forced to go to jail for crimes she did not commit. Her husband leaves her for another woman, taking away all she has and loves – her house, her children, her work. Without a penny and with no one to turn to she has to stand up and fight for herself.

The screenplay for the series was written by the famous Russian novelist Tatyana Ustinova. It is the first screenplay she has written for TV and over the last 5 years Always and Foreverhas become one of the most successful and popular series in Russia. In 2004 the series won two TAFI awards as Best Television Drama Series and Best Screenwriter of Drama Series (Tatyana Ustinova).