Always And Forever – 3

Sequel of the story of Olga Barysheva (Maria Poroshina). Sergey Barushev (JaroslavBoyko), Olga’s husband, is successful in business: for half a year Sergey, Olga and their youngest son have been living in Thailand, where he is in charge of the construction of a hotel chain. But nothing lasts forever: their elusory happiness is ruined, when another woman walks into Sergey’s life. A new translator – Oksana – appears in Baryshev’s firm. She is young, bold and beautiful, she is tempted by Sergey’s money and position and of course she’s not the one to be bothered by breaking a family. Eventually things turn out the way she wants: catching her husband and his new protégé together Olga, without a second thought,submits an application for divorce and leaves Sergey.

Scandal, divorce, separation, Sergey’s bankruptcy, Olga’s depression – a whole chain of misfortunes is in store for Olga and Sergey, who’ll have to go through rough times apart before they understand that they can’t live without each other.