Terms of contract

Masha, a young woman from a small provincial town, is leading a peaceful and unclouded life. Blissful and nice: quiet provincial environment, a future husband that she is in love with…  The trouble comes unannounced. Amids the wirlwind of Masha’s wedding preparations, when helping her decorate the wedding venue, Masha’s sister suddenly loses consciousness. The diagnosis comes shocking – brain tumour… Masha’s sister needs an expensive operation, but her quite poor family simply canot afford it.  What would be the way to get the needed sum in such a short time? An acquaintance tells Masha the way how a young girl could quickly earn big money: surrogacy.

At first, Masha is appaled at the idea. However, there are no alternatives, and Masha is ready for anything to save her beloved sister. A lot of hardships befall her: split with her fiance, rejection by the biological parents of the  child she is bearing, loneliness, despair… Masha would have to fight for her happiness, for her future child and of course for the life of her sister, for whom Masha took this bold step forward and sacrifised so much.