Inherited Marriage 3. Dances on the fire

A year has passed. After a row of rowdy fights and make-ups, Sandra splits from Kostya. James finds out about the split and is doing everything possible to win Sandra back, as he is still in love with her. He offers Sandra to become head of the Russian branch of the Corporation. Sandra meets Ilya Kovalyov, a well-known geological prospector. However, Sandra and Ilya fall out  – Sandra mistakenly takes him for a married man. Sandra dives deep into work, getting ready for an upcoming tender in Narong.  To her surprise, in Narong she bumps into Ily! Apparently, Ilya now works for James Harper’s competitor, Asad Navrullah, searching for rich oil reserves.  Meanwhile, it’s time for the first round of the tender. Asad Navrullah wants to get rid of the strong competitor, Harper, and have him out of the tender. Taking advantage of James’ feelings towards Sandra, Navrullah sets up a false date, where James sees Sandra in the arms of Ilya Kovalyov. In desperation, James rushes away from the hotel and straight into the nearest bar where he gets morbidly drunk. In the morning, he comes to consciousness at a cheap motel. There is a dead body of a prostitute lying beside him, and drugs scattered on the table nearby. The police arrest James. He gets accused of murder, as well as drug possession and use. In Narong, the usual punishment for these crimes is death penalty. The only person who believes that James is innocent is Sandra. She starts her own investigation, with Ilya by her side.