Smashing Duo

All the six films of the series (each consisting of two episodes) are detective stories investigated by the two main characters – Petr Volkov, a former field investigator, and Alexander Adashev-Gurskiy, who has changed dozens of occupations and calls himself a “freelance journalist”. The friendship of persons as different as our heroes – the ironic Alexander Adashev-Gurskiy, whose very surname betrays his noble pedigree, and the tough and reliable Petr Volkov, nicknamed Volchara (The Wolf), will be tested more than once as they keep getting into all kinds of perilous predicaments.

Goldberg’s case is the first film of the series. Here our characters unravel a tangled and rather unusual affair. The object of their investigation is a tobacco-pipe in the hand of Stalin’s wax figure – part of a collection that was sent to Khabarovsk with a traveling exhibition. The two friends believe that this pipe will help them to find answers to all the questions connected with mysterious and tragic developments in the family of the old collector. Alexander Adashev-Gurskiy sets out for Khabarovsk and on his way finds out that he is not the only person hunting for the pipe. A dangerous rival stands between the two friends and the museum exhibit…

In the following films of the series (The Scent of Lies, The Haunted House, Dancing in the Labyrinth, DéjàVu, The Puzzles of Montenegro et cetera) the adventurous detectives continue investigating mysterious plots and bailng out of dangerous situations.