Defendant’s Plea

The main character– Vadim Osipov – lives through an important part of his life: 19 to 29, the Soviet epoch of the 1970s-1980s. His is a lawyer, though quite a different one from the romantic image of a quasi-lawyer typical of the classical detective movie. He doesn’t investigate crimes – he is merely a defendant. He believes that defence is a purely intellectual occupation, and the zest of the lawyer’s profession is being exposed to stand alone against the majority. Vadim’s intellect, oratorical skill, and deep knowledge of human psyche are his only allies.

The series accurately and truthfully portrays all the nuances and details of life in the Soviet Union of the 70s and the lives of people struggling though that ambiguous period of Russian history – the development of personalities in time and space perspective. At the start of his career Vadim wants to be a famous lawyer – and he becomes one, he daydreams about a girl he only saw once – and she becomes his wife, friend and adviser. He hesitates, makes mistakes, helpsthose in need and gets into trouble himself, but he feels it his duty to understand what every criminal is driven by in their misdoings – be it an old jailbird or a dead-end kid, to redress an injustice and shelter the innocent from the supreme measure of punishment.