Insider is a drama series full of passion and adventure, depicting a story of a man who has his life turned inside out in a few days, setting out to wander the country far and wide in search for happiness.

The film follows the journey a successful businessman, head of a big publishing house – Sergey Morozov. Self-made man, he has everything one could dream of: a gorgeous wife, a young lover, prospering business – everything goes smoothly, everything is right. But one day the well-oiled mechanism of his glorious life runs into an obstacle. At the peak of his success, he gets a profitable but rather a shady offer from his father-in-law. Morozov knows better than anyone that in his position every step up the ladder means flirting with danger – too many interests collide, too much is at stake, and above all, he is not ready to trade off his principles, which he so far has managed to stick to.On an impulse to escape from reality, Morozov gets into his car and drives into the sunset, away from the city, from troubles and distress. The road gradually straightens things out in his head, the farther he flies from his old life, the closer he gets to himself, mile by mile realizing that what he wants most of all is to go back to his childhood and meet his first love.