Plan B

He used to have it all – now he’s got nothing. He got trapped, but his freedom is only a matter of time. Plan A is no good now, so he has no choice but to meet the challenge and accept the fight, where every punch and every trick is permitted. He will act according to Plan B – and the enemy will never get away with it.

ArtyomKopylov is a successful businessman, owner of a restaurant chain. He grew up in an orphan-asylum and had to achieve everything himself – that’s why he is so strict to the others. For him people are just steps on his path to success. But one day one of the steps of this ladder got broken. Atryom’s closest friend and colleague – Oleg Gromov – suborned a major of militia – Prygunov – and a former drug addict – Vadim Konev – and they trumped up a case, under which Artyom Kopylov was accused of drug sale and murder of a militia officer.