Inherited marriage

It happens sometimes that everything in your life goes astray…

Unlucky streak in Sasha’s life seems to drag on and on: the job she wanted is taken right from under her nose; her boyfriend leaves her; her father starts a new family and wants Sasha to move out. And her closest friend Pashka needs an expensive operation he cannot afford.

Right when she’s stuck in this mess of misfortunes, Sasha receives a note from a notary office: a recently deceased American millionaire Terence Harper has left a will, under which Sasha is to come in possession of 9 million dollars! Only there’s a condition: she will only get the money if she marries the millionaire’s son. Thus, in a short time the poor Russian girl will have to become a real lady with a new elegant name – Sandra Seymour, armed and equipped to conquer the heart of Harper-junior, a prince for modern Cinderella. But life is not a fairy-tale.