Knife In The Clouds

This detective story hinges around a charming lightsome young woman with an ambiguous history, who tries to break the ties of the past and yet gets mixed up in another knot of intrigues and foul play. An ex-stripteaser now teaching children’s dance, Varvara was determined to once and for all get clear of a debt […]

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The Course of Defense

This is the first lawyer series on the Russian television, baldly exposing the cold and bitter reality of the legal world. The scene is laid in Moscow of our time, where people are fed up with police corruption, justice-for-sale, fraud and intrigue, but no one dares to confront the rotten system. Andrey Zimogorov, the pivotal

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Landscape with Murder

This film is a unique chronicle of events that happened within 48 hours: four episodes – four suspects of a murder unfolding their stories, each given an opportunity “to speak their mind” and either justify their actions or sign their doom. The main condition is to remain your own self during the 2 880 minutes

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Named Baron…

Named Baron… is a story of a man who was once lost and forgotten, who traded his birth name and became simply the Baron… Born in exile, a modest Jewish boy Josef turns into a cruel and cynical  “thief in law”, ruthless both with his own kind and the outsiders – if someone dares to

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NLS Agency. Season 2

Young resourceful detectives of the SPS Agency continue sorting out personal problems of their unfortunate clients, as they did with unfailing success in the first season of the popular series. A trivial “love affair” will often grow into a criminal case and vice versa: a case that promised sinister developments – will end in a

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NLS Agency

One may call this series an adventure movie, and that’s probably right, though it naturally synthesizes different genres: from comedy to thriller. A bold and brilliant venture designed by a group of young energetic friends turned outa smashing success: a private agency investigating Special Personal Situations, helping people sort out their personal lives: star-crossed lovers,

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