The Day of Anger

Berlin. In an onslaught on the house of a prominent Russian millionaire, Aleksey Krivtsov, one of the shareholders of an emerald mine in the Urals, three people are killed: the millionaire, his wife and the young governess of his little daughter. All the evidence points at Krivtsov’s son, Andrey, who was out during the night […]

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Under The Great Bear

Lisa is quite happy with her life: head of a successful advertising agency, she is comfortable and cozy living alone in her own house in the garden suburbs of Moscow, and, like many of us, she is reluctant and afraid to change anything. No news is good news, they say… But deep in her heart

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My General

A young teacher of a Moscow college Marina Krasovskaya (LubovTolkalina) is going on a holiday to a hotel not far from Moscow. She is sick and tired of teaching, of her PhD research, her long-standing fiancé Edik. She longs for an adventure, be it detective or romantic, and actually gets both on the very first

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The Executioner

Screen version of a famous book by Sergey Beloshnikov and the remake of one of the most famous Russian films of the 90-th, The Executioner is a revenge psychological drama challenging the controversy of rightful vengeance that recoils on the person who takes it; a tragedy of a fragile woman who revolts against brutal abuse

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The Collection

Dynamic and emotionally charged detective movie with impressive chases and skirmishes, fine-spun intrigue and thrilling action. A drama about money, passion, art and cruelty, which always come together making people go beyond all laws – human, moral and criminal… A secret FSB department is investigating the theft of a unique private collection of paintings worth

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The Prime Time Goddess

Talar, a wild Middle East country, a strange war… Russian war correspondents Olga Shelestova and Nikita Belyaev set out to the front line to shoot a report. On their way back Olga sits into their colleagues-journalists’ car to be in time for the broadcast and they all disappear without a trace. The hotel room she

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Insider is a drama series full of passion and adventure, depicting a story of a man who has his life turned inside out in a few days, setting out to wander the country far and wide in search for happiness. The film follows the journey a successful businessman, head of a big publishing house –

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One Shadow For Two

When Danilov – a might-have-been musician and quite a  successful architect, son of a famous writer,  came home, his wife was already dead…  His own alibi is his friend, violinist Tarasov, whom Danilov met on his way home. But the tragic death of his wife triggers a chain of misfortunes in the life of architect

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Wizards Of Reshetov

This film is a unique attempt at synthesizingRussian folk mythology and Art Nouveau. Grotesque twists of the plotline are vividly highlighted by masterly special effects and computer graphics made in London  by graphic artists who have also worked with Warner Brothers, Universal, Paramount Pictures and the BBC. Artistic skills of the cast and the crew,

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