Smashing Duo

All the six films of the series (each consisting of two episodes) are detective stories investigated by the two main characters – Petr Volkov, a former field investigator, and Alexander Adashev-Gurskiy, who has changed dozens of occupations and calls himself a “freelance journalist”. The friendship of persons as different as our heroes – the ironic […]

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Smashing Duo. Season 2

The movie features two protagonists: an independent journalist and private detective. The former is aristocratic and refined, the latter is stubborn and unflinching. One has intelligence in spades, the other – grit. Ivan Volkov is a meticulous and direct former police investigator nicknamed the Wolf. Ironic Alexander Adashev-Gursky is an independent journalist whose name reveals

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Plan B

He used to have it all – now he’s got nothing. He got trapped, but his freedom is only a matter of time. Plan A is no good now, so he has no choice but to meet the challenge and accept the fight, where every punch and every trick is permitted. He will act according

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Goldmine-2. Ay-pachi’s gold

While the first part of The Goldmine traced the story of a Siberian gold village, dying out along with the exhaustion of gold resources, the second part will picture the life of a prospering mine, where gold production goes in full play. The gold vein, discovered by the geologist Romanov, attracts not only pan diggers,

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The Goldmine

Mystery and intrigue, romance and frustration, action, adventure and lots of gold – The Goldmine is a mixture of romance and detective story brought into an original setting: a small gold-mining camp far away in Siberia, about to be closed as it has long been behind its gold production schedule. The mine is living through

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Black Snow

On the vast expanses of Russian taiga people love and hate without looking back, throwing caution to the cold Siberian wind. Here, in the far off Siberian town, in his search for Maria, his friend’s niece, arrives ex-officer Sergey Gushchin. Little though he knows yet of what the journey has in store for him –

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Shadows of the Past

Artjom Harlamov, professional detective in his middle thirties, has a new client: a Mr. SemjonPetrovich Lvov, second-hand book seller, who turnsup in his office with a letter of recommendation. Lvov had received from abroad an orderfor a very rare book from the personal collection of marshal Ney – one of the legendary associates of Napoleon

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The Day of Anger

Berlin. In an onslaught on the house of a prominent Russian millionaire, Aleksey Krivtsov, one of the shareholders of an emerald mine in the Urals, three people are killed: the millionaire, his wife and the young governess of his little daughter. All the evidence points at Krivtsov’s son, Andrey, who was out during the night

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